French polishing is a very popular finish for fine pieces of furniture, and the application is an ‘art’ in itself.  It is applied in numerous layers of polish by a rubber (a pad made of wadding and cloth to apply the polish) until the desired degree of depth is obtained. 

French polishing provides an immaculate finish to your furniture whilst enhancing the features of the timber.

The purpose of French Polishing is to seal the timber and helps prevent movement due to moisture absorption.  It wears well, keeps the dirt out and provides a superior finish.

We use traditional recipes to make our own wax and shellac polishes, we are able to repair and revive original surfaces or sensitively refinish.

Unsightly watermarks and scratches and other damage can often be removed. We endeavour to preserve as much of the original finish as possible, where appropriate. 

French polishing
Interior woodwork polishing (staircases, panelling, doors, etc)
Hand stripping
Hand Waxed Finishes
Timber bleaching and colour matching
Distressed Finishes
Traditional methods and materials

Benchmark can also apply a range of other furniture finishes.  The finish will bring out the timber's natural grain and colours, while protecting and retaining the patina of age and history. Each piece receives the personal hand attention of a dedicated craftsman.

Bleaching Re-patination to antique furniture
(where the original finish has been lost for whatever reason i.e. previous bad restoration, water or fire damage etc)